Friday, July 21, 2006

"manifold" gifts

I've been struggling with the ideal replacement for the CV's on my 145 (74) "Helga". CV's just won't last long with the higher octane fuels as the diaframs go "all sloppy". The replacement diaframs just do not have the qualities of the older original rubbers. (Where have I heard that before?) With "esperanca" the partners 144 we ovecame this by fitting a wonderful set of new SU's from SU Mindel in Sydney. $650 odd for the two NOS. Worked wonderfully.
Helga the Orange 74 beast was to be converted to K Jetronic but...
Too much away from the kiss principle of home life. Soo now we have a wonderful "lynx" single weber crossover manifold. 45 Weber to follow.
First I have to access the spare engines to see if it is better to fit another or go the reconditioning route. Whatever some changes to the cam and head will ensure it has more torque and less likely hood of pinging on crap fuel.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why so many cars?

So many people have fetishes. One series of mine have 4 wheels on the road and were made by volvo between 1968 and 1975.
1** "series" volvos.
Wheres the hat?
Because they are wonderfully built and can be fun once you get past the jokes.
This blog will cover the goings on of my collection.
7 at present.
Hmm maybe I do need to take those drugs for that compulsive sysndrome again.
Winter is upon us

Well the weather is s fowl but still managed to drag the old Claude Butler out for a commuting trot yesterday.
26 KM in the dark and against a fowl headwind seemed to take forever but.. Twas only a tad over 1;15. Best since my return has been 1:09.
Klord is wonderful just lopes along.
Must add a photo.
Maybe later.

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Been Slack Posted some photos to my other web site.