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We settle on the 10th - or so the lawyers would have us believe…We will see for if we do here starts our journey of dicoveryI fly down to Hobart on Thursday to inspect the house and make sure that everything is as it should be for settlement.I'm doing this blog using DragonDictate so this is an interesting way of doing it talking to the computer instead of actually writing or typing I find it's a lot quicker. I'm still having problems getting used to how easy it is to write stuff. And also having to say..Currently I'm still thinking too hard about what I'm doing.While I’m down there this time I’m going to be doing the inspection on Thursday and then I hope picking up today is on the Friday. I will then have the rest of Friday to arrange some furniture and some tools. Saturday I will survey the property and and do a conditional report plus lots of photographs. Sunday I had to go for a walk around town and around the region. Monday I have to pack up and come time. My…

Sent me away to Tasmania