Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crunchbang and woodstove bliss

I have this old -4years -laptop bought with xp on it. less than a G1 or ram. Gutless as a wonder.
XP is a no no. debian works well but Oh what a pain to install - changed with 6 - so I resorted to crunchbang linux just as I have on my Acer Aspire One.
Suddenly the thing is working well - even worked when I put cranchbang 10.4 alph on it. Went for the xfce interface as I tend to be slack and can't be faged editing the OpenBox interface.
Tis loverly
Just works - recommended - added the debian multimedia repository.
Also added tex -lyx zoreto, jabref, bibus and medeley so I can play around with the various on-line and off-line bibliographies.
also gives me a computer I can use in the shed to sell of the junk on ebay and give it away on freecycle.
Autumn is with us - Easter may be cool enough to get the stove going and have a lamb roast. Carbon minimal wood fires are great when correctly used and cleanly burnt. Ours certianly does.
Have a wonderous easter break.

Friday, March 26, 2010

One Year --

Well one year ago my hear stopped -- for 2 minutes - no one was timing - strange - while riding my bicycle to work - "Ms Lee Tunks" saved me (never been able to contact her since)- broke my sternum too - Did CPR on me on lime Stone avenue - thanks and big huggs.
The ambulance gave me the fastest ride from North to south Canberra but - I missed the whole lot.
The ACT Police impounded my bicycle as evidence - only to deliver it back to me in Queanbeyan 2 weeks later - thanks guys.
Woden hospital and Dr Fashid did wonders and at 9 pm my wife and daughter arrived (from Adelaide) to find me very much alive but a bit grey..
One year and 5 stents later - I'm back on the bike - and - walking - 30 to 60 miniutes a day.
The meds are a knockout. but surviveable - and as my wight dros so to will the dosages - but the HDL LDL ratio is still the killer - Thats what got me - genetics - do not fight it.

Long time no post!

Listening to my daughters Pink oggs on my debian 6 system makes me realise how far we have come.
My Mac sits unused. My old linux box is up again and I'm debating what I will use for a laptop.. Was to be a powermac .. but not now ... even Debian shits on MacOSX. bugger!!!!!!!!!!!
The Debian Live CD is wonderous and its an Alfa.. No rust..
Installed my old computer makes the mini look sick.
A powermac of my lustings is fading to a Toshiba with Debian 6 installed.
Not ubuntu.
Yes it is nice but oh so boring.
What I want is - tex -lyx - zoreto - open office - and maybe mendeley. all work on my debian box.
Sorry MS$