Crunchbang and woodstove bliss

I have this old -4years -laptop bought with xp on it. less than a G1 or ram. Gutless as a wonder.
XP is a no no. debian works well but Oh what a pain to install - changed with 6 - so I resorted to crunchbang linux just as I have on my Acer Aspire One.
Suddenly the thing is working well - even worked when I put cranchbang 10.4 alph on it. Went for the xfce interface as I tend to be slack and can't be faged editing the OpenBox interface.
Tis loverly
Just works - recommended - added the debian multimedia repository.
Also added tex -lyx zoreto, jabref, bibus and medeley so I can play around with the various on-line and off-line bibliographies.
also gives me a computer I can use in the shed to sell of the junk on ebay and give it away on freecycle.
Autumn is with us - Easter may be cool enough to get the stove going and have a lamb roast. Carbon minimal wood fires are great when correctly used and cleanly burnt. Ours certianly does.
Have a wonderous easter break.