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Bare iinet

Well it all went well dispute all the warnings to the contrary. Just works.
Now I can sort out my side of the system.
Web server and other stuff.
Sitting in the shed using the net is a nice experience listening to the wind and watching the dogs.
Need to sweep the shed.

Found an interesting grid integrated paper at

Also joined - rejoined ATA

Going Bare ---- Internet connection

Finally realised that the old phone line was well and truly redundant. Why pay $ each month to Telstra for something I do not use. So I put in my IINET bare application.
We have 10 days till the connection is fixed with IINET so we have to cover the down period with no ADSL. Enter the USB dongle.
Hooked the mac up no worries to wireless internet thru optus.
Nice - but not really cheap.
I do like my ADSL.