Monday, September 25, 2006

Well after an encounter like this one the 4*4's on limestone Avenue pale into insignificance.
Nice ride today.. commute again..
brisk and a headwind. rode the MTB. bit slower but oH so nice on those continetal tyres.
just bounds along.
Nice coffee in Mitchell then off to work...

Return trip was great too. Tail wind.

No trafic hassles..

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Klaud the buter!
Winter has lifted if it ever came.
Dusted of the Claude B for the commute to work.
We see how we go.
Feeling a bit bloted after a layoff due to colds and weather.
Always make a good excuse.

Little things like hoses

Robin drove our 144 (74) to the little house up north in Muttaburra. It had new supension. New UV joints. A recoditioned unleaded head with new valves and seats. But... a old bottom end.. Should have expected trouble but she made it with a little mre under body oil than we had hoped! Rear oil seal was not.. Crank was pressurising. Engine breathers were on as per before but it was the wrong way round. The crank is ment to vent to the airfilter case not the stupid PCV valve.
Maybe it will be better on the way back.
We'll see.