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Linux on a iMac and HP 360 several months later

Several months later; Seems strange to me that several months later the system is still running well and allowing me to work using several "non linux" tools for writing and visualisation.
My main dramas have been getting my printer to integrate well.
A Brother HL-3045cn one would think it would not be a problem. Doesn't want to play with Manjaro no matter what I do to persuade it.

As Ubuntu settled into 18.04 I migrated to Mint Linux and a Cinnamon desktop.
Wine is still running Scrivener (3 beta) (very well), Aeon1 (OK for my needs), Simplemind (well) and Xmind8 (I also run 7.5).

Insync and Dropbox are boringly effective at syncing my various accounts.
It all just seems to work.

Timeshift a backup tool for Mint works well so far.
HP360  Being a distro hopper AI had to try other desktops, after running it with Xubuntu I remigrated to Manjaro LXDE and LXqt.

Works well so light none of the drag of Gnome or Plasma.

Mint Cinnamon also works well -01-2019 with a balance bet…