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Manjaro Linux

Since 1996 I have been stuffing round with Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Opensuse and Mandrivia. I have shyed away from distributions where things were compiled. Tries Sabayon a few times but always whipped it with something "better". Enter my Little HP Pavilion X360..Absolutely crap with Windoze.Sooo Slow. Tried all of the above too but battery life was woeful.Tried Xubuntu and Powertop.. Wow suddenly I was getting 2.30 to 3 hours out of it. Better than under windoze.Then one day out of madness I went lets try Manjaro - its XFCE based. Install was - just an install - worked nicely. Seemed to be getting 3.30 to 5 hours out of a charge.OK What about all the stuff I normally used in my workflow. Scrivener, Xmind, Zotero-standalone Wine and Aeone and Simplemind.Little did I know how easy it was to install those. No searching the web and downloading hoping youd got the right version. Just enable the little AUR button in the software manager and they installed. Yes some took some time …

Winter finally comes

Winter is finally here. The rains have come. The wind has a wry.My dictation software still can’t get it right. It can’t see the difference between a rise and a wry.But anyway. He has its own project night three fires going one ton of wood $110.  but which is worse liberals in their budget or the interpretation that Dragon puts on nicely. (my speech).I suppose if I gave up on dragon and used the keyboard I could just use linux...