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#deletefacebook - some feelings

#deletefacebook Last night I followed Musks lead and deleted my facebook account. Second time.
First time was because I had been the coordinator of an international group and I had several hundred "friends" who I only knew thru the group.
This time its for a lot of reasons but was triggered by the Cambridge Analytical scandal.

I wasn't reading any more. Just sucking up the feed each day."The Guardian" and "the conversation" were sources to repost.I got a buzz from "likes".It took time from my day.It was insidious and reinforced my own opinions.It was polarising. The quality of my communication diminished. What will I miss?
Easy communication. Communication with old friends for whom I have no emails.Information sources and selling opportunities. What will I have to do to achieve the same level of communication is use email more and also a range of apps - sites - Linkedin - Gumtree - Skype G+ and so on.

Never again will I let one compa…

Imac migration

Well I finally got sick of my mac not living up to its potential.
Yes its 5 years old but its still a nice piece of gear.
32 g of memory an 5i processor and a slow hard drive.

I was running drop box - 120Gb
two google drive  accounts 100gb each.
Zotero a bibliographic data base.
Scrivener 3 - Gimp photo editing. iThoughts and Xmind for mind maps.
Shotwell on parallels.
Mail and web browsers (Firefox).
Music thru itunes.

It took 10 minutes to wind up. Then it would grind away and low and behold if you wanted it to compile something or save it.

I realised my HP360 was running the same programs (functions) under Manjaro Mate so I tried that route with the imac. Manjaro and netrunner were tried.

Both were OK but lacked zest. Manjaro Cinnamon worked well.

So then I tried Mint Cinnamon 18.3. And yes everything work with a bit of zest.

Scrivener 3 (beta) is running fine in wine. Xmind works. and the rest all work in Linux.
And it does not run like a dead slug.

Copying data from my CarbonCop…