#deletefacebook - some feelings


Last night I followed Musks lead and deleted my facebook account. Second time.
First time was because I had been the coordinator of an international group and I had several hundred "friends" who I only knew thru the group.
This time its for a lot of reasons but was triggered by the Cambridge Analytical scandal.

  • I wasn't reading any more. Just sucking up the feed each day.
  • "The Guardian" and "the conversation" were sources to repost.
  • I got a buzz from "likes".
  • It took time from my day.
  • It was insidious and reinforced my own opinions.
  • It was polarising.
  •  The quality of my communication diminished.
What will I miss?
  • Easy communication. 
  • Communication with old friends for whom I have no emails.
  • Information sources and selling opportunities.
What will I have to do to achieve the same level of communication is use email more and also a range of apps - sites - Linkedin - Gumtree - Skype G+ and so on.

Never again will I let one company have so much info on me.
To be updated as I go thru withdrawal.

Some 3 months later 

Yup there are down sides but I have more time for more permanent things. Blogs, reading and writing. Making stuff.

Twitter is used more, Linked in is used for professional stuff, forums for discussing stuff, gumtree for selling stuff,  Instagram for photos, and G+ for other stuff.

I think I'm happier for it and have more me time.

Some 6 months later 

Re-booted FB - But using Firefox containers - no apps.
Contacting some people without it was almost impossible. Particually in Tasmania and PNG.
Hence I found I lost more than I gained but on rejoining - My data was not deleted! my browser must have logged in in the first 3 months - I had not deleted the login from the memory.

My use of messenger is limited to my browser. My use of Facebook is sitting back and watching. Posts via Instagram mainly. No never-ending checking. No political comments.