#deletefacebook - some feelings

Last night I followed Musks lead and deleted my facebook account. Second time.
First time was because I had been the coordinator of an international group and I had several hundred "friends" who I only knew thru the group.
This time its for a lot of reasons but was triggered by the Cambridge Analytical scandal.

  • I wasn't reading any more. Just sucking up the feed each day.
  • "The Guardian" and "the conversation" were sources to repost.
  • I got a buzz from "likes".
  • It took time from my day.
  • It was insidious and reinforced my own opinions.
  • It was polarising.
  •  The quality of my communication diminished.
What will I miss?
  • Easy communication. 
  • Communication with old friends for whom I have no emails.
  • Information sources and selling opportunities.
What will I have to do to achieve the same level of communication is use email more and also a range of apps - sites - Linkedin - Gumtree - Skype G+ and so on.

Never again will I let one company have so much info on me.
To be updated as I go thru withdrawal.