One Year --

Well one year ago my hear stopped -- for 2 minutes - no one was timing - strange - while riding my bicycle to work - "Ms Lee Tunks" saved me (never been able to contact her since)- broke my sternum too - Did CPR on me on lime Stone avenue - thanks and big huggs.
The ambulance gave me the fastest ride from North to south Canberra but - I missed the whole lot.
The ACT Police impounded my bicycle as evidence - only to deliver it back to me in Queanbeyan 2 weeks later - thanks guys.
Woden hospital and Dr Fashid did wonders and at 9 pm my wife and daughter arrived (from Adelaide) to find me very much alive but a bit grey..
One year and 5 stents later - I'm back on the bike - and - walking - 30 to 60 miniutes a day.
The meds are a knockout. but surviveable - and as my wight dros so to will the dosages - but the HDL LDL ratio is still the killer - Thats what got me - genetics - do not fight it.