Friday, October 2, 2009

Streetscape impoves

Strange the gaggle of cars in the street has now become somewhat more orderly.
Seeing the city rangers cruising the streets seems to have improved things but at the expense of everyone. No one can put a tyre out of line.
Pity the truck across the road is now parked in the drive - we offered him our parking bay in Hayes street but - too far to walk - pity.
Garden is booming and blooming.
More rain which is great.
Chooks are doing well again but will not be replace when they go.
Must register the BMW.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bare iinet

Well it all went well dispute all the warnings to the contrary. Just works.
Now I can sort out my side of the system.
Web server and other stuff.
Sitting in the shed using the net is a nice experience listening to the wind and watching the dogs.
Need to sweep the shed.

Found an interesting grid integrated paper at

Also joined - rejoined ATA

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Going Bare ---- Internet connection

Finally realised that the old phone line was well and truly redundant. Why pay $ each month to Telstra for something I do not use. So I put in my IINET bare application.
We have 10 days till the connection is fixed with IINET so we have to cover the down period with no ADSL. Enter the USB dongle.
Hooked the mac up no worries to wireless internet thru optus.
Nice - but not really cheap.
I do like my ADSL.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Netbook - OS

I have had an Acer Aspire One fore some time now - linux of course and ssd. Limpus linux went after a few trials and some hacking. Tried everything - suse- mandriva - redhat- debian-ubuntu- lin4 one - all were -ugh. too heavy for a 500mb of memory.
Thought of upgradin g the memory - then I installed crunchbang linux. 8.10 first - then a custom kernal- all worked well. just moved to 9.10 still impressed. minimalist but great and quick. even runs endnote under wine. nice.
great work #!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Parking - Qbyn Style

The wonders of getting up at 4 am to find your local P plate has decided that the verge outside your place is a great place to practice ruffing it - Parking on the verge so as not to use mum and dads drive - tuff too - Pity he could not do it with out loosing grip and digging up the verge.
Next day we had a polite discussion with the "lady" of the house in which she politely told us to getfucked - all one word - slightly blurred.
Sooo an email to the council worked wonders - 9 pictures - and a letter back in less than 24 hours - that's hot - the letter to next door will not be quite as welcome - stiff - next time consider before you respond.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Dawes rebirthed - in continuance

Nice bike - 70's dawes - got as a frame and done up for number one son.
Yes it's not done in true 1970-s style but this is an object "in continuance" not a static restoration.
Both are imaginative processes.
8 speed.
needs another rear wheel.
but will be nice to ride.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Computers for the Shed

We have too many computers in the house for the two of us -four - so two had to go -So

The intel mac mini got a clean reinstall - discovered 60 Gig more - reinstalled nothing but GNU software - oh except OSX.

The old PPC got a dose of PPC Linux strange it looks just like the mac OSX - But now it's some what quicker - used Ubuntu 9.04 after trying opensuse and redhat. Micht eventually settle on Debian as then I can use a local AU mirror.
So now I can listen to stupid British radio stations in the shed, and blog and search and discuss and compare all with out leaving the hallowed grounds of the shed.
Every blokes got to have a shed - a connected shed.
All with my own electricity tooo.
See you round.
Back to figering out what most of the crap inhere really is--

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bibliotobec :: Le Site :: Accueil

What a wonderful site for Motobecane Information.
Great Stuff - congratulations.

Powered by ScribeFire.

Motobecane TL125

I've owned this bike since new I the mid 90 I decided to restore it but it was delayed by moving to Brisbane.
It dies after someone Pee'd in the tank at a party.
This little bike was one of about 12 imported into Western Australia by Ron Loyns and his company Alron in the mid 70's as an addition to the bread and butter mopeds. A 350 triple and 500 triple were also imported. Its a 125cc two stroke twin running chrome bores on an aluminium base and electronic ignition. Early bikes ran on a petroil mix later models were oil injected (pumped). The little screemer ran through to 12000 rpm and had little under 9000 and nothing under 4000 rpm. It would "Cruise" at 65-70 mph with some working of the gearbox. Handling was fine but the shock absorbers were designed for smooth roads or light people. Rumour has it that Ron's brother rode one from Perth to Sydney.

Mine has not been used for over 10 years.
When I wrote to Motobecane (now MBK Industries)

Motobecane is now called

MBK Industrie
and is at 55 reu de Paris B.P.18 93000 BOBIGNY FRANCE

the fax number is (16.1) 48 45 17 61

Their spare parts stock is held by; ETS LE CHEVALLIER 57 BD de Grenelle 75015 Paris france

A letter would be better in french.

Other information on motobecane can be found at geo's page

Of course its in French!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weee just combined all my "non- work" blogs into one so as not to dilute the content.
s tihis is just a test of the system not a real post!

Power back

Just got the first quarter winter power bill - apart for a mysterious error of 600k - revised - we ended up with a "bill" of $174 - meaning we covered the cost for the whole house even in winter.
I'm pleased.
nice to be self sufficient.
Come summer and the NSW feed in tariff we will also be making a "profit".
For this last bill it woould have been $900.
Wonder what the tax implications of this are :-) ?

Friday, May 1, 2009


We are a linux and Mac house.
The Macs are fine but a bit boring. They will run linux ports like TexMaker and others.
Our linux distribution of choice is Ubuntu. It works.
OpenSuse, Mandrivia and Debian creeping in every once in a while.
On an Acer Aspire One I use CrunchBang Linux. Nice Fast and lite.
Still some issues with the microphone on the AAO but .. tis fixable.
The AAO is a nice system for traveling.
Wireless runs well.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well I have been riding to work twice a week - 26km each way - for some time now (100km).
I'd decided to up it to 3 times a week (150km) so two weeks ago I started.
Then bugger - had a heart attack while riding and crashed - right next to the ambulance depot - and in front of a car with a CPR instructor in it.
I woke up in hospital with 2 stents in my veins - a pill program that makes a drug company recession proof and looking forward to a long rehab program.