Motobecane TL125

I've owned this bike since new I the mid 90 I decided to restore it but it was delayed by moving to Brisbane.
It dies after someone Pee'd in the tank at a party.
This little bike was one of about 12 imported into Western Australia by Ron Loyns and his company Alron in the mid 70's as an addition to the bread and butter mopeds. A 350 triple and 500 triple were also imported. Its a 125cc two stroke twin running chrome bores on an aluminium base and electronic ignition. Early bikes ran on a petroil mix later models were oil injected (pumped). The little screemer ran through to 12000 rpm and had little under 9000 and nothing under 4000 rpm. It would "Cruise" at 65-70 mph with some working of the gearbox. Handling was fine but the shock absorbers were designed for smooth roads or light people. Rumour has it that Ron's brother rode one from Perth to Sydney.

Mine has not been used for over 10 years.
When I wrote to Motobecane (now MBK Industries)

Motobecane is now called

MBK Industrie
and is at 55 reu de Paris B.P.18 93000 BOBIGNY FRANCE

the fax number is (16.1) 48 45 17 61

Their spare parts stock is held by; ETS LE CHEVALLIER 57 BD de Grenelle 75015 Paris france

A letter would be better in french.

Other information on motobecane can be found at geo's page

Of course its in French!