Computers for the Shed

We have too many computers in the house for the two of us -four - so two had to go -So

The intel mac mini got a clean reinstall - discovered 60 Gig more - reinstalled nothing but GNU software - oh except OSX.

The old PPC got a dose of PPC Linux strange it looks just like the mac OSX - But now it's some what quicker - used Ubuntu 9.04 after trying opensuse and redhat. Micht eventually settle on Debian as then I can use a local AU mirror.
So now I can listen to stupid British radio stations in the shed, and blog and search and discuss and compare all with out leaving the hallowed grounds of the shed.
Every blokes got to have a shed - a connected shed.
All with my own electricity tooo.
See you round.
Back to figering out what most of the crap inhere really is--