Finally rid of windows 7 - ubuntu installed - but it could have been fedora

Finally - the computer is doing what i bought it for - sitting in Adelaide on a 3g link as a reliable nice to work on laptop.

But -- windoze 7 is gone - 64 bit 3G was dodgy in the least. The same modems worked flawlessly under several Linux's but under 64 bit windoze 7 they just dropped out.

Then there was the constant treat of a "new desktop" just as you had finished an article and saved everthing - it was hell to find when you restarted it was with a new desktop - clean.

So It was re-install linux time after a trial of dual boot. Used the full hard drive this time and eventually plumed for Ubuntu - mainly driven by the flaash support and the fact I could access my Zinio library and use tweetdeck - yes sick I know.

Did like win office 2010 - pity the OS was so -- unreliable compared to linux.