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1st of September 2012 -Wellington Street

on Monday I leave for Tasmania.

I will be driving down to Melbourne on Monday, doing some shopping in Melbourne on Tuesday and taking the ferry across Tuesday evening. The trip across this best rate should be easy as good weather is predicted.

Assuming I get some sleep I should be able to drive to Oatlands in about an hour. I might decide to stop in Launceston along the way to get some hardware materials.

When you kindly note London's my primary objective is to clean the house remove the nails from the flooring in the lounge room so we can put a carpet down. I also hope to effect some repairs on the Windows.

Of course one of my other objectives is to start living a life in Tasmania. I need to discover my environment, where to shop, who to talk to, with a good market are, where not to buy things. I’m also hoping to start more walking and cycling. We’ll see how we go.