Work to date - Condition as Acquired

This blog was meant to be a log of work done. Decisions and compromises....

But lack of a reliable network in the house made that hard. Now we have internet and warmth. But winter is not the time to work outside. So I'll start by outlining progress to date.

Condition as Acquired


 Two front windows were smashed and had structural problems. Paint and wood had not seen much work in the last few decades.

2012 06 23 13 12 28

 Nice large Yard but not a tree in sight..


2012 06 23 13 26 18

A cleanup had been undertaken and the stuff not taken to the tip was burnt.

Annsview jpg

The main door is on the eastern ish side. the gutters were full of rubbish and overflowing in all directions. Note the green on the wall near the end of the Verandah. 



Kitchen is simple and usable.

2012 06 23 13 08 43

Once water leaks thru the valley gutter.

2012 06 23 13 10 08

And mould were overcome.


2012 06 23 13 09 08

Entrance to "the laundry"

2012 06 23 13 09 31

It was just filthy, wet and grease covered.

2012 06 23 13 10 28

The mud room had been used as a kitchen and was grease coated.


The lounge - note the shake and cigarette stains


Hallway with a small "office" off to the right.


Stairway to heaven - still have not worked out why this was built like this - thats the chimney half way up.


 Front bedroom a wonderful light airy room with a glorious view of Oatlands and the countryside.

2012 06 23 13 14 47

 Windows leaked and the panes rattled. All glue joints were loose. Ropes and counter weights gone so opening was not possible with out a stick.


The rear bedroom again nice and airy - note the water stains.

2012 06 23 13 14 27

 Loverly fire place and coal fireplace. Note access to roof space



A "bathroom" has been squeezed in behind the shop next to the stairs - covering a fireplace.


The shop - note window "cover"


Remaining bench with oil stains.

2012 06 23 13 19 08

 Shop shelving and remaining window.

2012 06 23 13 21 02



Storeroom with window covered by a wardrobe - turned out to be a Hobart maker from the 1920-40 -est.

2012 06 23 13 19 28

 Props for roof in store room. note propped door.