Fireplaces and other inconvenience

Fireplaces are essential in the Midlands. In winter it is not warm and the wins cut through from the Highlands. Traditionally the only way going of keeping warm was to burn wood in a fireplace. Nice solid sandstone fireplaces actors heatsinks and keep the house warm through the cold. When we acquired our house most of the fireplaces had been covered up. The lounge room fire had an insert into it that had been used as the main heating for the whole house.

Upstairs had coal fires.

IMG 0217


IMG 0219

The traditional Rayburn stove in the kitchen and had been removed and replaced by Gastown and gas hot water heater. the result of this move was that the kitchen is extremely cold and leaks like a sieve.

IMG 0310


Robin and I had a wonderful weekend where we opened up two of the old fireplaces.

IMG 0199

In the library fireplace we added a fireguard and started to use the fireplace. In the small office because the base of the fireplace had been removed we were unable to use it.


IMG 0524


















My job this visit is to replace the insert in the lounge room with something that is more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. And to rebuild the office fireplace.

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