Damn Parallels in reality Linux and Windoze 8

Updated my iMac 27-inch, Mid 2011 to 32 gig of ram. Before that I’d been running windows or and linux thru bootcamp directly on the disk partion. The box was slow no matter how I looked at it.

32 gig of ram helped no end. 

The aim was to have enough ram that I could run windows and linux in VM’s so I did not have to reboot to use my favourite programs.

2014 03 27 19 13 11

I was septical...

fitted ram.. removed partitions. installed parallels 9.

Installed windows 8 - installed office 2013— installed a few lines just to be sure - ubuntu 12.04.01 opensuse fedora debian testing mint and ...

all worked.

2014 04 16 09 36 02

windoze 8 went in and integrated well with the desktop in coherent mode as dis ubuntu 12.04 and fedora.

Opensuse, Magiea and debian would once you got the tools installed so the mouse is not grabbed by the VM.

Mac and win doze will be my main work tools. Ubuntu my play time.

Oh have yet to overstreach the ram.

2014 04 17 13 54 37