Soma GRAND RANDONNEUR build stage....

Overview as at 11 October 2014

Bought a Soma "GRAND RANDONNEUR frameset"

For some time now I have lusted after a 650B bicycle. Thought about several conversions from a 700c but never got round to it. Conversions always seemed so much of a compromise. After I sold two Volvos I rewarded myself by getting a Soma frame set from Commuter cycles in Brunswick.I also acquired;
  • 650B wheels
  • Hub generator
  • SKF gut axel

The build

Stage One

I assembled the Frame with the bits I had in shed;
  • Suntour headset
  • Sugino Chainwheel 24, 34, 44
  • Suntour Cyclone II front changer
  • Suntour Superb Rear Longarm changer
  • 7 speed Suntour rear hub
  • Suntour change leavers - indexed / friction set to friction
  • generic aluminium seat tube
  • generic head stock adapter and forward style headset?
  • touring figure 8 type handle bars
  • rear rack
  • blackburn front bag mounts
  • shimarno v brakes and brake levers with coolstop pads.
  • A great rear changer
  • Oh and 650B x 42 mm - “Hetre” (red) Grand Bois tyres

Sugino crankset and NOS chainwheels

The Ride

I still have to get a feel for how fast te bicycle is but... it is well glued to the road and responsive. I'm happy with the gears .. yes I could have gone for a more modern setup but my heart still lines in the 70's so this was a good compromise. Brakes.. more work needed.. dito the bars and bags.. but it can wait till I have the money. Now to get some miles under the belt and build fitness.
Bars and brakes needs redoing.