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Thoughts on Social Media

Or why I just dumped facebook

I’m in shock aft er setting up a facebook account to follow the kids and communicate with my fellow conservators several years ago, I was quite wedded to it but it also bugged me. Too intrusive.. I found G+ nicer… Amazingly it was another site/app that made me dump facebook. I have previously had apps pinch all my contacts but this time it was the fact that an site/app pretending to be a message for me from someone I wasnted to talk too… I got suckered and did not uncross all of the permissions when signing up. So it spammed everyone in my facebook account. All 1400 of them. So in a fit of peek I deleted both accounts. Felt sooo good. I may eventually set up a very private account so my family can keep in touch but after having a similar thing happen with Linked-in I was not in a mood for a repeat. So sorry to all of you who want to follow my mianderings on “facebook”. I will be doing some things on Twitter and G+ but those will be limited. Did feel nice deleating all FB apps and contacts… Ok I’ve played with everything I can as a social account; what works for me..

And what are my suggestions;

  • keep professional, personal and business separate.
  • manage the personallity of each
  • manufacture your business and professional peronas.
  • be clinical with the information you release Problem is this is impossible for mear mortals

Hence my other recommendations are to use Social media wisely.

  • Linked in for profesional discussion and publicity
  • facebook for family, if you must use it profesionally or for business use another account.
  • Twitter for news snippets
  • G+ for your interests. Make use of the pages feature to have several posonas.
  • Blogger for writing about things that are worth reading. One blog per persona..

Thats all folks…