still struggling. ...dragons and speech recognition

Still struggling with Linux and Mac OS.

Yup still. Why? well I got stuck on speech recognition - see for me it works once you get over the self awareness thing. Speaking and not suddenly stopping because you feel like a dawk.

Yes I have got it running in Linux using a previous version of dragon but it does work best for me in MacOS.

Dragon is a pain because of the update policy - its greedy - pay every time you do a OS update... So as soon as I can dragon will be dumped.
Thill then I have to run a laptop with Mac OS and Dragon so I can disappead into a corner and grumble at the screen.

Word processor - doesnt matter - I use NoteCasePro - all I want is text I can past into scrivener - sync thru my drop-box then hope on to Linux to finesse.

I now have a digital process that is mainly open and not OS specific.

Zotero- biblio, Evernote - notes and searches, Scrivener structured writing, Xmind, ithoughts, simplemind - mindmaps for thinking, Projectlibre project planing from a mind map, Gimp and others for graphics, LibreOffice if you really need a word processor or spread sheet or data base, oh and dont forget Aeon for timelines, all running native or in wine. and Google Doc and Drop-box.

Lots of cloud stuff.
Oh to have a speech recognition that worked well in Wine...