Macbook pro 11.2 Mint - Manjaro

Earlier this week I "upgraded" my MBP 11.2 to Sierra. Big mistake.
Lost that wonderful battery life of 10.11. Then 10.12 decided another upgrade was necessary and my 250gb sd card on which my lifeline dropbox folder was started going AWL each time the screen-saver came on.
Soooo no longer any reason to procrastinate- I upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04.01 and copied all my files across from my backups. I rejigger my partitions and such.
But it did not feel right after my resent experiences with Manjaro. So I bit the bullet and reinstalled a Manjaro core.
Wireless works but took a bit of stuffing round. Don't use the latest kernel 4.4 will do and the modules will work with that.

end result - all my critical programs are working well.
Evernote (thru web), Zotero, Scrivener native or thru wine, Xmind, Aeon (wine).
Oh and shotwell -shits- all over photo for a photo-management app...
to use "mac speek".

Free at last and getting better battery performance that 11.12...

Update - 26/12/16

I still had issues with suspend and webcam.
Migrated to Mint 18.1 and set up as per this brilliant article.

Thankyou Racter...

Will report back on progress but so far 6 plus hours of battery life and a working web cam. Everything else is working boringly well.