MacBookPro 11.2 refining my mint 18.1 install

My 11.2 is not that much different from everyone elses. 250GB SSD, 8GB memory, and a 250gb sd card in the slot.

My install was painless thanks to Racters wonderful writeup. Technically correct and wonderfully written and worded. Thanks.

Several other links are worth noting.

  and Phils wich I used when I did a Majaro install earlier.

All works well and producing battery life of 6 plus hours.

Note though the interrupts fix has to be done as root not Super user (sudo)

Installed Scrivener in wine and as the last deb. Zotero-standalone and my other favorites.
I've set up my directories and backups so I don't have to worry about data loss and so I can upgrade to Manjaro when I get the urge again.

My dropbox directory is on my main ssd so I don't loose it each time we suspend. I just haven't set up the fix yet.

I-sight camera work but will need reinstalling at ever kernel upgrade.

network can be iffy but thats similar to under MacOS.

Now for some tea while the backup runs...

it's been a while since I saw those kind of numbers

Implimented from,1#SD_Card_Reader

"SD Card Reader

  • Disappears sporadically after suspend as of Linux 3.18. 
  • Workaround is to create /etc/modprobe.d/xhci-reset-on-suspend.conf with:
  # Reset XHCI USB devices on suspend/resume, fixes SD Card reader vanishing after suspend 
  options xhci_hcd quirks=0x80
Note: As of Linux 3.18.6-1 (and possibly earlier versions post-3.18), this fix may not be needed and might cause issues ranging from failed suspend to the SD card not being recognized at all. Test with and without the fix to determine which works best for you."

Seems I still need it!