Roadtrip - Tassie by ferry in a 1974 144 Volvo

Drive to Melbourne

Be boring if I just said - well it was a 700km drive so what! But it was.
Mileages were ineresting;
At holbrook it was getting    11.8 l/100km (what a shit measurment)
Launceston        10.57 l/100km
sat on 100 to 110 prefered 103kmp                                        


 I'm boring and love the ferry. Sleep and food is great. We were on level 1 with the 144 as my wife (the owner) requested.
First on last off and no caravans to booggy with.


 Faultless I cant see why people buy new cars. Sorry wait till electic is worth having. Till then a decent 1970's car will do.



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