Monday, December 26, 2016

MacBookPro 11.2 refining my mint 18.1 install

My 11.2 is not that much different from everyone elses. 250GB SSD, 8GB memory, and a 250gb sd card in the slot.

My install was painless thanks to Racters wonderful writeup. Technically correct and wonderfully written and worded. Thanks.

Several other links are worth noting.

  and Phils wich I used when I did a Majaro install earlier.

All works well and producing battery life of 6 plus hours.

Note though the interrupts fix has to be done as root not Super user (sudo)

Installed Scrivener in wine and as the last deb. Zotero-standalone and my other favorites.
I've set up my directories and backups so I don't have to worry about data loss and so I can upgrade to Manjaro when I get the urge again.

My dropbox directory is on my main ssd so I don't loose it each time we suspend. I just haven't set up the fix yet.

I-sight camera work but will need reinstalling at ever kernel upgrade.

network can be iffy but thats similar to under MacOS.

Now for some tea while the backup runs...

it's been a while since I saw those kind of numbers

Implimented from,1#SD_Card_Reader

"SD Card Reader

  • Disappears sporadically after suspend as of Linux 3.18. 
  • Workaround is to create /etc/modprobe.d/xhci-reset-on-suspend.conf with:
  # Reset XHCI USB devices on suspend/resume, fixes SD Card reader vanishing after suspend 
  options xhci_hcd quirks=0x80
Note: As of Linux 3.18.6-1 (and possibly earlier versions post-3.18), this fix may not be needed and might cause issues ranging from failed suspend to the SD card not being recognized at all. Test with and without the fix to determine which works best for you."

Seems I still need it!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Macbook pro 11.2 Mint - Manjaro

Earlier this week I "upgraded" my MBP 11.2 to Sierra. Big mistake.
Lost that wonderful battery life of 10.11. Then 10.12 decided another upgrade was necessary and my 250gb sd card on which my lifeline dropbox folder was started going AWL each time the screen-saver came on.
Soooo no longer any reason to procrastinate- I upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04.01 and copied all my files across from my backups. I rejigger my partitions and such.
But it did not feel right after my resent experiences with Manjaro. So I bit the bullet and reinstalled a Manjaro core.
Wireless works but took a bit of stuffing round. Don't use the latest kernel 4.4 will do and the modules will work with that.

end result - all my critical programs are working well.
Evernote (thru web), Zotero, Scrivener native or thru wine, Xmind, Aeon (wine).
Oh and shotwell -shits- all over photo for a photo-management app...
to use "mac speek".

Free at last and getting better battery performance that 11.12...

Update - 26/12/16

I still had issues with suspend and webcam.
Migrated to Mint 18.1 and set up as per this brilliant article.

Thankyou Racter...

Will report back on progress but so far 6 plus hours of battery life and a working web cam. Everything else is working boringly well.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

"new" computer

2016 11 13 11 41 15


Today my mac mini started to make strange sounds and eventually died with loss of the screen. Sot its heart (the hybrid sad drive) got transferred into a old Dell till I can find something better. Manjaro KDE worked well as does gnome.

Loving manjar more as I get to know it. Afraid it does make the rpm and deb style systems look  a bit dated. Being able to use the community repositories to install “foreign” programs like scrivener of Xmind is a real plus. Adding printers is still a bit clunky though.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Mac mini 2.1 linux installation

If you have one of these beasts linux installation can be a pain.
Seems they use a 32 bit efi for the boot. So when you put any of the standard CD disks - yes disks as booting from USB doesn’t work -  it hangs asking you if you want method 1 or 2….
Early disks of ubuntu or fedora will boot but then you have to do a series of online updates. A total pain.
I did want to do a Arch install but debian works - as ever so thats what I did.
Debian will boot if you you use the mac image see;
Described in the following blog;

I did eventually get Manjaro linux installed by using a 686 net install version.

It boots well on the 2.1 mini  boot and but you must ensure when installing that you set the whole thing up to boot in BIOS mode on all the install options. No 32bit UEFI.

Works well.
Finally the MacMini is working again as it should not dragging its OS arround.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Manjaro Linux

Since 1996 I have been stuffing round with Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Opensuse and Mandrivia. I have shyed away from distributions where things were compiled. Tries Sabayon a few times but always whipped it with something "better". Enter my Little HP Pavilion X360..

Absolutely crap with Windoze.

Sooo Slow. Tried all of the above too but battery life was woeful.

Tried Xubuntu and Powertop.. Wow suddenly I was getting 2.30 to 3 hours out of it. Better than under windoze.

Then one day out of madness I went lets try Manjaro - its XFCE based. Install was - just an install - worked nicely. Seemed to be getting 3.30 to 5 hours out of a charge.

OK What about all the stuff I normally used in my workflow. Scrivener, Xmind, Zotero-standalone Wine and Aeone and Simplemind.

Little did I know how easy it was to install those. No searching the web and downloading hoping youd got the right version. Just enable the little AUR button in the software manager and they installed. Yes some took some time to compile and configure. But wow. Just magic.

2016 07 10 15 51 57I can see other computers of mine migrating. May eventually replace OSX on my other laptop. Thanks to the Manjaro Community.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winter finally comes

Winter is finally here. The rains have come. The wind has a wry.

My dictation software still can’t get it right. It can’t see the difference between a rise and a wry.

But anyway. He has its own project night three fires going one ton of wood $110.  but which is worse liberals in their budget or the interpretation that Dragon puts on nicely. (my speech).

I suppose if I gave up on dragon and used the keyboard I could just use linux...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

still struggling. ...dragons and speech recognition

Still struggling with Linux and Mac OS.

Yup still. Why? well I got stuck on speech recognition - see for me it works once you get over the self awareness thing. Speaking and not suddenly stopping because you feel like a dawk.

Yes I have got it running in Linux using a previous version of dragon but it does work best for me in MacOS.

Dragon is a pain because of the update policy - its greedy - pay every time you do a OS update... So as soon as I can dragon will be dumped.
Thill then I have to run a laptop with Mac OS and Dragon so I can disappead into a corner and grumble at the screen.

Word processor - doesnt matter - I use NoteCasePro - all I want is text I can past into scrivener - sync thru my drop-box then hope on to Linux to finesse.

I now have a digital process that is mainly open and not OS specific.

Zotero- biblio, Evernote - notes and searches, Scrivener structured writing, Xmind, ithoughts, simplemind - mindmaps for thinking, Projectlibre project planing from a mind map, Gimp and others for graphics, LibreOffice if you really need a word processor or spread sheet or data base, oh and dont forget Aeon for timelines, all running native or in wine. and Google Doc and Drop-box.

Lots of cloud stuff.
Oh to have a speech recognition that worked well in Wine...