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Subject: Warming dilemna - mums post..

Just a post my mum could not get thru normal media....
Subject: Warming dilemna

Peter Lea tells us (Inquirer Dec 27-28) we have to chose between human welfare and the welfare of the environment.  Does not the welfare of the environment ineluctably involve the humans within it?  He adds, that "For millenia, humans have adapted to climate change".  Indeed they have.  As a prehistorian, I know that my colleagues have shown that, in Australia, extreme arid phases involved human population decrease, the concentration of usage around reliable water sources, and the virtual abandonment of whole swathes of terrain within previously well-used parts of the centre and west of the continent.  Is this the sort of "adaptation" denialists envisage for our continent?
I notice that most of those who do not regard rising temperatures as a worry live in the cooler portions of the globe - northwest Europe, or  the eastern or southern coastal belts of Australia.  We hear less about ease of adaptation from the interior.  I lived in York, a mere 100km inland, when the official temperature once reached 50C, and I have no wish for the new experience of adapting to habitual maxima of that ilk. No amount of air conditioning (with its feedback effects in yet higher temperatures) can compensate for watering the plants, getting letters from the postbox, shopping, or hanging out the washing in such temperatures.
   The future of the outback, the wheatbelt, and Perth, a city on the edge of the desert, are surely matters not only of "the welfare of the environment" but of "human welfare".  We have all to work for the future viability of land and people throughout our beautiful continent.

Sylvia Hallam (MA, PhD Cambridge; retired Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology, UWA; Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

un-social media


Thoughts on Social Media

Or why I just dumped facebook

I’m in shock aft er setting up a facebook account to follow the kids and communicate with my fellow conservators several years ago, I was quite wedded to it but it also bugged me. Too intrusive.. I found G+ nicer… Amazingly it was another site/app that made me dump facebook. I have previously had apps pinch all my contacts but this time it was the fact that an site/app pretending to be a message for me from someone I wasnted to talk too… I got suckered and did not uncross all of the permissions when signing up. So it spammed everyone in my facebook account. All 1400 of them. So in a fit of peek I deleted both accounts. Felt sooo good. I may eventually set up a very private account so my family can keep in touch but after having a similar thing happen with Linked-in I was not in a mood for a repeat. So sorry to all of you who want to follow my mianderings on “facebook”. I will be doing some things on Twitter and G+ but those will be limited. Did feel nice deleating all FB apps and contacts… Ok I’ve played with everything I can as a social account; what works for me..

And what are my suggestions;

  • keep professional, personal and business separate.
  • manage the personallity of each
  • manufacture your business and professional peronas.
  • be clinical with the information you release Problem is this is impossible for mear mortals

Hence my other recommendations are to use Social media wisely.

  • Linked in for profesional discussion and publicity
  • facebook for family, if you must use it profesionally or for business use another account.
  • Twitter for news snippets
  • G+ for your interests. Make use of the pages feature to have several posonas.
  • Blogger for writing about things that are worth reading. One blog per persona..

Thats all folks…

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Soma GRAND RANDONNEUR build stage....

Overview as at 11 October 2014

Bought a Soma "GRAND RANDONNEUR frameset"

For some time now I have lusted after a 650B bicycle. Thought about several conversions from a 700c but never got round to it. Conversions always seemed so much of a compromise. After I sold two Volvos I rewarded myself by getting a Soma frame set from Commuter cycles in Brunswick.I also acquired;
  • 650B wheels
  • Hub generator
  • SKF gut axel

The build

Stage One

I assembled the Frame with the bits I had in shed;
  • Suntour headset
  • Sugino Chainwheel 24, 34, 44
  • Suntour Cyclone II front changer
  • Suntour Superb Rear Longarm changer
  • 7 speed Suntour rear hub
  • Suntour change leavers - indexed / friction set to friction
  • generic aluminium seat tube
  • generic head stock adapter and forward style headset?
  • touring figure 8 type handle bars
  • rear rack
  • blackburn front bag mounts
  • shimarno v brakes and brake levers with coolstop pads.
  • A great rear changer
  • Oh and 650B x 42 mm - “Hetre” (red) Grand Bois tyres

Sugino crankset and NOS chainwheels

The Ride

I still have to get a feel for how fast te bicycle is but... it is well glued to the road and responsive. I'm happy with the gears .. yes I could have gone for a more modern setup but my heart still lines in the 70's so this was a good compromise. Brakes.. more work needed.. dito the bars and bags.. but it can wait till I have the money. Now to get some miles under the belt and build fitness.
Bars and brakes needs redoing.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Damn Parallels in reality Linux and Windoze 8

Updated my iMac 27-inch, Mid 2011 to 32 gig of ram. Before that I’d been running windows or and linux thru bootcamp directly on the disk partion. The box was slow no matter how I looked at it.

32 gig of ram helped no end. 

The aim was to have enough ram that I could run windows and linux in VM’s so I did not have to reboot to use my favourite programs.

2014 03 27 19 13 11

I was septical...

fitted ram.. removed partitions. installed parallels 9.

Installed windows 8 - installed office 2013— installed a few lines just to be sure - ubuntu 12.04.01 opensuse fedora debian testing mint and ...

all worked.

2014 04 16 09 36 02

windoze 8 went in and integrated well with the desktop in coherent mode as dis ubuntu 12.04 and fedora.

Opensuse, Magiea and debian would once you got the tools installed so the mouse is not grabbed by the VM.

Mac and win doze will be my main work tools. Ubuntu my play time.

Oh have yet to overstreach the ram.

2014 04 17 13 54 37

Saturday, March 8, 2014


One thing about an old shop is the advertising.

Below are some examples.

IMG 0282



IMG 0268

IMG 0270


IMG 0267



IMG 0251

IMG 0183

2014 02 07 16 43 10

2014 02 07 10 04 53

2014 02 07 10 53 39 2






Fireplaces and other inconvenience

Fireplaces are essential in the Midlands. In winter it is not warm and the wins cut through from the Highlands. Traditionally the only way going of keeping warm was to burn wood in a fireplace. Nice solid sandstone fireplaces actors heatsinks and keep the house warm through the cold. When we acquired our house most of the fireplaces had been covered up. The lounge room fire had an insert into it that had been used as the main heating for the whole house.

Upstairs had coal fires.

IMG 0217


IMG 0219

The traditional Rayburn stove in the kitchen and had been removed and replaced by Gastown and gas hot water heater. the result of this move was that the kitchen is extremely cold and leaks like a sieve.

IMG 0310


Robin and I had a wonderful weekend where we opened up two of the old fireplaces.

IMG 0199

In the library fireplace we added a fireguard and started to use the fireplace. In the small office because the base of the fireplace had been removed we were unable to use it.


IMG 0524


















My job this visit is to replace the insert in the lounge room with something that is more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. And to rebuild the office fireplace.

2012 09 14 19 10 39